Author Topic: G3 Eng Monitor and High CHT #6  (Read 710 times)

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G3 Eng Monitor and High CHT #6
« on: March 17, 2012, 07:38:39 pm »
Eight months ago I upgraded from Gem 602 to the Insight G3.  Thus the CHT probes were in place, but a few years old. With that new monitor I see CHT temps during climb in the 400's on cys 6,5, sometimes 4.  As of late, the probe test has indicated 24 Ohms on #6 cylinder in flight, and 13 Ohms sitting on the ground, not running.  Today's flight, the monitor operated normally.  Last flight CHT # 6 was bouncing all over the place from second to second.  I thought it was going to fail completely, but didn't.  Question:  If the CHT probe is getting bad, will it cause an abnormally high reading of the CHT, or will it give accurate temp info until it fails completely?  Any knowledge of CHT probe costs, and where to get them?  Any other ideas on getting CHT's cooler during climb?    Thanks..