Author Topic: FAA to publish results of 100LL Transition Rulemaking Committee  (Read 1223 times)

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The Federal Aviation Administration's Unleaded Avgas Transition Aviation Rulemaking Committee (UAT-ARC) will soon publish its report and recommendations to the FAA, according to ABS Life Member R. Lee Buechler, founder of the Clean 100 Octane Coalition.  The ARC was chartered to create a process by which candidate fuels may be tested and approved as a replacement for 100LL, and to recommend that process to the Federal Aviation Administration.

The Clean 100 Octane Coalition, of which ABS is a founding member, sent a representative to the nearly year-long series of ARC meetings that concluded last November.  ABS helped financially sponsor the representative, along with over a dozen other 100LL users groups. The Coalition's purpose in participating in the ARC was to ensure the issues of full-power operation capability, at-the-pump fuel price, and a smooth transition process to a new fuel remains at the foretfront of FAA thinking.  Regulators, fuels specialists, major aviation associations and companies developing proposed new fuels were also represented in the ARC.

As chartered, the ARC will not identify a replacement fuel, but only recommend to the FAA how any candidate fuels might be approved.   It will be up to developers of candidate fuels to follow whatever process FAA adopts in order to obtain approval for their proposed product.

This press release from the FAA briefly upates us on the UAT-ARC:  Watch ABS NEWS and ABS Hangar Flying for the text of the ARC's report when it is published.
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