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« on: April 18, 2012, 08:28:02 am »
To all my fellow  E series owners with the later model wobble pump,

I would like all that would read this and provide me some feedback and opinions. I recently experienced problems with my wobble pump not performing. My A&P has replaced the o-rings but noticed at least one of the check balls is worn. I contacted ABS (Neal) and he advised finding used parts. Raytheon has these balls for $100 each and theres are six in the unit. I also inquired of a shop to overhaul at $650 and that is not including any check ball replacement. That led me down a path with a company interested in a possible kit of parts to rebuild the pump including the check balls. They are currently using my pump to reverse engineer the entire pump / selector assembly. I am trying to compile a marketing analysis of possible owners of E series aircraft interested in one of the following.

1) a rebuild kit
2) a redesigned wobble unit alone
3) a redesigned wobble unit with new boost pump integrated.

I would like all input I can get to make a determination if this venture would make sense to economically incorporate.

I know there are many who want to keep there aircraft as original as possible but we all have seen and experienced the same road blocks on other components on our aircraft. I am just trying help our community interested in keeping these well designed birds flying at affordable prices.

Thank you for listening. I am very interested in all input positive or negative.

I do not want to congest the forum so please email me with the following at

1) Which item would interest you or multiple items.
2) Your aircraft model and sn
3) Your cost threshold for the items you would pay.