Author Topic: 2007 G36 LOP PROCEDURES USING G1000  (Read 1266 times)

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« on: February 15, 2012, 11:48:12 am »
Fellow pilots I hope you all got the February edition of the American Bonanza Magazine.
In that last issue I found this interesting article, "Leaning Techniques Using the Garmin G1000". I have been waiting for some time a simple yet complete information such as the one you described in that article.
We recently purchased a 2007-G36 (serial E-3786) is our first high performance aircraft and so far we love it.

I have been trying to perfect my LOP technique for some time. I was interested to see in the article ilustrations that a cyan marker is supposed to appear over each of the 6 cylinders during the leaning process. But in my plane a cyan marker appears only above 1 cylinder, the first to reach peak. No cyan marker appears over the other cylinders as I continue to slowly lean the mixture and there is no "Last" indication.

Today I followed the exact instruction in that article while flying but was unable to see more than the usual single cyan marker, I asume this means I have a diffeent version of the g1000 than the one described in the article. I would be very interested in your expert advice in proper leaning technique considering the possible different lean assist display on my G1000.

I am including a snapshot I took with my phone to ilustrate the power setting and different indications obtained as a result of trying to set LOP.
It was an ISA day flying at 4000ft with 23.2 Man Inch HG and 2320 RPM
Notice the delta peak temperature does not agree with the -20C to -27C range you talked about.
I reached 13.1 gal/hr but the POH was calling for a small number something lime 11.2gal/hr. i stopped at 13.1 because I felt the airplane hesitating a little and that made me nervous. Also noticed the temperatures going way down on the EGT and the CHT's were showing something aorund 130 degrees.
At that point I decided to start all over and revert to what I think I know and that is Running the engine ROP with numbers and indications that agree more with what is writen on the POH. I cant wait to learn the right technique to use with confidency and safely the LOP operations in my airplane.

I appreciate your advice in this matter and I thank you again in advance for your time in reviewing and respnding to this posting. I am looking forward to hearing from you guys soon.