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Replacement battery box
« on: January 14, 2010, 02:02:22 am »
from an ABS Tech Tips email

Q: I need to replace the battery box-do you know of a source?

A: Aviation Research Systems has an STC for a replacement battery box that covers the V35B model.

Hammock Aviation also makes a replacement battery box that would need to be approved via an in-field approval on a 337 form. You would want to check this approval possibility with your A&P/IA prior to purchasing this unit. In-field approvals vary considerably depending on the local FAA office and even with individual inspectors.

You could price a replacement at Hawker Beechcraft or salvage yards, however I believe one of the above options is probably the more economical way to go. The P/N I came up with is 35-410462-3 for the box assembly which is superseded to a -601. On the Hawker Beechcraft web site it is shown as a valid number but with no price or stock.

Contact & general Info:


Aviation Research Systems

888 301 9207 or

Hammock Aviation

Ennis Texas

972 875 4279 or

General Information for Beechcraft Parts:

Hawker Beechcraft's RAPID  web site under "Buy Parts" for availability, superseded P/N's and pricing or RAPID  888-727-4344.

When buying Hawker Beechcraft parts through the RAPID system, if you use an ABS credit card you can receive a modest discount. Other suppliers you could check with for a possible discount:

Tulsair 918-835-7651

Elliott  309-799-3183

Avstat  818-780-6032  

Select 540-564-0010

You might also try salvage yards:

Atlanta Air Exchange   800-237-8831

White Industries       800-821-7733

Dodson                 800-355-0034

Air Salvage of Dallas  800-336-6399

Arthur Miller

ABS Technical Advisor