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Circuit breaker popping
« on: July 11, 2008, 03:34:00 am »
On 7/10/2008 3:19:00 PM, Thomas Nelson wrote:

>Actually CB's trip due to heat

>which is caused by volts

>times amps expressed as watts

>when voltage drops in an

>overload case it can cause the

>amps to increase if the watts

>stay the same . but another

>factor that I have to contend

>with in my desert flying is

>ambient temperature and a heat

>soaked airplane even in the

>hanger. I installed the

>halogen lights from knots 2 u

>to solve the same problem in

>my m-35 which went from 2 250

>watt bulbs to 2 35 watt bulbs

>with a higher brighter output

>while saving approx 30 amps

>for other use at the buss. Tom

>Nelson N9862R Needles, CA 123F


It is true that CB's trip due to heat induced by the current flow. The power consumed in the CB is very low and is only related to the small voltage drop across the CB, not the voltage in the circuit. For a resistive load, the current goes down proportionally with voltage. So generally, a low voltage will not cause higher current.

The landing light system is only designed for intermittent operation on the Bonanza and draws way too much current, especially with both the landing and taxi light on at the same time. I have a V35A with a 70 amp alternator system and I experience brown out with both lights on at the same time.

Your solution to reduce the load by using the halogen lights is a smart solution.


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