Author Topic: high iron levels in oil samples  (Read 1429 times)

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high iron levels in oil samples
« on: October 23, 2011, 11:33:27 am »
I posted this before, but could not find any answers.  Please 'bear' with me if you have seen this before

I have consistently ran high iron levels in my IO 470's. they range from 45-180!  Lately, they have been closer to the 180's I fly about 120 hours a year and the aircraft is hangered. They run great, and are not making metal?? Any thoughts?

Ian Van Wyk

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Re: high iron levels in oil samples
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2013, 10:15:00 pm »
I know this is old but thought it deserved a response. The last two comments confuse me a little because if you are showing high iron in your oil analysis something is coming apart. Was the oil filter element inspected for iron deposits both visually and with a magnet? A lot of times oil analysis will come back clean because the oil filter is doing it's job. I would inspect the oil filter if you haven't already. If there is iron in the oil there is no doubt iron in the filter. Usually if an aircraft has had higher then normal wear levels or a trace amount of iron is found in the filter I release the aircraft and recommend a follow-up oil change in 25hrs. Some times it's a fluke and the oil and filter are clean the next inspection, other time the situation has worsened. It sounds like this problem has been ongoing for quite some so I would highly suggest a more invasive investigation if you haven't done so already.