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Bicycle Camping
« on: March 23, 2009, 01:57:55 PM »
I love bicycle touring.   

One of the advantages of the Bonanza is the ability to travel some distance quickly.

I remove the back seat from my Bonanza, then put bicycles and camping gear in the large empty area behind the front seats.

I remove the seat, the pedals, the tires and then turn the bike upside down.  I wrap the chain and everything in a large towel and place the bike in the cabin.  

Alternately, I have begun using Bike Fridays, excellent folding bikes.

Where to travel?    Madeline Island in northern Wisconsin, Beaver Island Michigan, Katy Trail in Missouri, trails in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin.  

Alternately, I fly somewhere (no where near a metro area) land, unpack then begin traveling.   One such place was Ontonagon, Michigan.  We then rode on quiet roads.   Or Houghton County airport.  Then ride the back roads along Lake Superior.

All in all, great exercise, and a great way to see the country.   Both fast and slow.