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Great P35 w/430W 64.9K
« on: July 19, 2010, 04:04:43 am »
Long story short, growing family makes Bonanza expense more than usage...Helpe me sell this beauty at a great value!

I have owned and flown this plane for almost 4 years, almost 600 hours and put many $ into mechanical and avionics upgrades thinking I would own the plane for much longer. Reality is though... It really must go so here is the info.

3420 Total Time on Aircraft

I/O 520BA w/Heavy Case 1000 on engine, 350 on top (but read the rest of the story)

2 Blade McCauly C23 Prop 350hrs, Sent for flush, paint and re-seal less than 100 hours ago

New set of D'Shannon Baffles 2008 (keep those CHT's very low)


KX155 /Glide Slope

Garmin 340 Audio Pannel w/ music input (or whatever you want to listen to)

EDM700 w/Fuel Flow (Best $ I ever spent on the plane)

Century IIB Autopilot (single axis) Coupled to NAV, has been all that I ever needed:-)

Re-Skinned Ruddervators in 2008

Tannis Pre-heat (always used to get the oil up to 50 degrees)

Throw Over Yoke

Speed Slope W/S

New Cleveland Brakes and 3 new tires

165KTAS Consistently Lean of Peak burning 12-13 gph or less, with CHT's in the LOW 300's

Fresh Annual and IFR (June 2010)

Interior 5, Exterior 6-7, Mechanicals 9, Avionics 8

Even with the time constraints, Plane is regularly flown to keep that oil moving and coating everything!

OK, so the engine has 1000/350 however about 100 hours ago a crack developed in the Oil temp sender fitting at the front of the engine. It was a light case at the time, so I purchased a heavy case, had the engine torn down, all rotating parts sent out for inspection, new bearings, and Cyliders pressure tested, everything checked out to new tollarances, so I had them put it back together with the new case as a repair, Not thinking that I might be selling the plane... Myself, I would fly it until condistion warrants...Runs like a car and NO oil burn/leaks/ussage.

Happy to give SERIOUS buyers a ride as long as they buy lunch...

Plane is based in Oxford, CT (OXC) I live in the 203 area code...912-2396 are the other #'s

My e-mail is my name chrisroddy with the rest being You will most likely get me on the phone during business hours, as the young family is taking up the all the rest of the time.

Plane Maintained at White's @ N44. Engine work done by Pine Mountain Aviation in Danbury.

Asking $74,000. call, e-mail or fax your questions:-) Got plenty of Pictures I can send and a file cabnit full of paperwork on upgrades... (tried to post pic's but link kept on taking me back to the home page of ABS?